About Us

A Commitment to Agility and Tradition

There are many approaches for how organizations can grow business, adapt to new opportunities, and address organizational challenges.  But amidst all the noise, there is one simple truth: companies grow when their people grow.

This truth has driven the work at Cleaver Company since our start 60 years ago.

In that time, Cleaver Company has helped tens of thousands of organizations and professionals around the world grow and thrive in all kinds of economic climates.  Rooted in the strong foundation provided by our founder, John "Clipper" Cleaver, we have expanded the industrial psychology methods that bolstered our original services into a robust, development-oriented suite of solutions designed to help companies reach and exceed their goals.

Our solutions team is made up of experts in fields ranging from finance to branding to psychology to sales, ensuring we can provide the very best and most tailored service possible to our diverse client base.