Cleaver Management School

"There are only two choices: Lead or Mislead. To lead effectively, you must know the Language of Leadership." - John Cleaver
A challenging truth about leadership today is that often people get promoted into management without adequate preparation. In years of research in what John Cleaver called the "real world laboratory," he found that highly qualified people with stand-out functional skills often struggled when promoted into management.   Why? Because managers need an entirely different set of skills from a functional specialist.  They need insight, technique, and a clear and consistent language to overcome obstacles and achieve results. This is where the real world-based Cleaver Management School comes in and makes an immediate and positive difference by elevating managers to a higher standard. Our course includes the what, the how and the why behind the concept of "management as a profession." The Cleaver Management School features one week of intensive instruction on the application of core management principles. Some highlights from the course include: For more information, please contact us or fill out the application on the Cleaver Management School website.