Individual Profiling

At Cleaver Company, we understand that before you can begin to move forward you need to first understand where you are, what your goals are, and what strategies you can use to succeed.  This is why the majority of our client engagements start with our profiling tools, benchmarking, and instrumentation.  Based in sixty years of diagnostic knowledge and field-validated research, our tools are designed to efficiently and effectively provide comprehensive profiles and benchmarks for professionals in any industry.

The Cleaver DISC and 360 Assessment provided powerful insights about my behavior, my performance and how I interact with others.  It will lead to assisting me in growing my book in an extremely difficult environment.– Cleaver Company Program Participant

Two of our most utilized profiling tools are the Cleaver DISC Profile and the Cleaver 360 Assessment.  When used together, they can effectively and efficiently pinpoint an individual’s strengths and opportunities for improvement based on behavior inclinations, performance, motivating values, and feedback from key members of their organization. We encourage the use of these two tools anytime we begin working with a new client because they paint a complete picture not only of where they are but where they have the potential to go.

I am planning on using the Cleaver DISC with all of my direct reports because it can clearly highlight and validate areas for development as well as how the employees’ personality traits impact their performance.  It will more clearly help me to understand each individual’s motivating factors and allow me to apply a more customized or personal approach to managing my team. – Cleaver Company Program Participant

We offer profiling and benchmarking solutions to both individuals and companies. While they may mirror each other, the measure of an individual professional and an entire organization require different attentions and nuances.  All of our tools and methods have been developed by business, for business in the laboratory of our clients.

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