The Cleaver Difference

The tools, products, and services Cleaver Company provides have set the standard of professional development for over sixty years.  Our success and the success of our clients has come from what we call "The Cleaver Difference," the elements that set us apart and ahead of our peers in the industry.

Balancing the Theoretical and the Practical

While our offerings are rooted in proven diagnostic and theoretical principles, they are built around the practical and applicable needs of the ever-adjusting business landscape. This balance of the theoretical and the practical is what truly makes the Cleaver difference and has allowed our clients to experience growth and success for over half a century.

Focusing on "The Job"

At Cleaver, we see the process of linking all jobs to corporate objectives as an integral part of real success within organizations.  Our tools, strategies and services are unique because they successfully link the job, the organization, and the individual and provide clear insight on how to meet expectations and achieve exceptional and measurable results.  Most other instruments are superficial, classifying all people into a few broad categories.  At Cleaver, we know better and utilize a range of simple instruments to capture key nuances of an individual's behavior, performance, motivating values, and self-perception.

Lasting Client Relationships

Our clients remain loyal over long periods of time because they recognize that our tools, products, and services help reduce cost as they improve revenue. We value long term partnerships. Many of our client relationships are over 20 years old.