At Cleaver Company, we understand that before you can begin to move forward you need to first understand where you are, what your goals are, and what strategies you can use to succeed. This is why the majority of our client engagements start with our profiling tools, benchmarking, and instrumentation. Based in fifty years of diagnostic knowledge and field-validated research, our tools are designed to efficiently and effectively provide comprehensive profiles and benchmarks for professionals in any industry.

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At Cleaver Company, we understand that truly successful and effective change is an ongoing process. To accommodate and guide individuals and organizations in this process, we offer a range of development programs that focus on skill training and goal accomplishment. Our programs can vary in length based on the needs of the client; our most popular programs last between four months and nine months.

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One of our professional hallmarks is providing clients with strategy, sales, and human capital consulting expertise. Our dedicated staff of E-Coaches, Consultants and Resource Executives take the time to understand each client’s unique strengths, challenges, and opportunities to set them on a path to individual and organizational success.

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Before placing individuals in any leadership position you should give them the advantage of these tools. It will help them to understand their people’s behavior, motivation, and potential
  S.W. Pach, Former President, Gillette Corporation