Organizational and Individual Development

At Cleaver Company, we understand that truly successful and effective change is an ongoing process.  To accommodate and guide individuals and organizations in this process, we offer a range of development programs that focus on skill training and goal accomplishment.  Our programs can vary in length based on the needs of the client; our most popular programs last between four months and nine months.

Team-Up Technology

Our work with sociometry has taught us that lasting change is best accomplished when you have a team of peers ready to support you and hold you accountable.  This is why we employ a strategy known as Team-Up Technology in all our long term development programs. The strategy is grounded in the concept that individuals experience more comprehensive development and change when they are working toward it as part of a group, or “team.”  Team members provide encouragement and support as well as help hold one another accountable for reaching their goals and implementing their burgeoning skills.  We’ve integrated this key development philosophy by offering bi-weekly or monthly “Team-Up” sessions as a staple part of our programs.

An Effective Balance

Our development programs effectively balance the thrill and personal connection of workshops with consistent web-based exercises and resources to provide participants with a comprehensive growth experience. We consciously stagger two-day workshop retreats across the length of the program to provide team members an opportunity to work closely with their Resource Executives and peers and build the personal rapport needed for ongoing accountability and support. Between workshops, participants grow their skills with customized exercises and track their progress using our state-of-the-art LeadershipTools Platform.

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